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Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Don't/Didn't Andorians call Huemons Pink Skins because they had red blood vs the Andorian's blue? Thus "pinkish" hues of skin/blushing/ect Aug 20, 2014 18:18:10 GMT -5 *
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: It becomes derogatory when you ask someone to call you "Haman" and they keep calling you pink skin :) The first time around it was lack of a better term. The second time around is disrespect. Aug 20, 2014 18:34:39 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: No one has asked her to call them a ham man otherwise she would call them that ;). For her its a term of endermeant when she was dating jonathan he was "her favorite pinkskin". Aug 20, 2014 18:53:03 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: That's cause everyone's like.. omg she' bigot. Don't talk to her! Aug 20, 2014 18:58:00 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Xem named Humans "Huemons" "Hyoomons" and "Hurmans" in an official document addressed to his people. :) Aug 20, 2014 19:04:43 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: And it does hurt when Nyoko does that hence why Jenna says "ow" when flicked hehe. Aug 20, 2014 19:05:47 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Lol Aug 20, 2014 19:06:29 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Nyoko calls her Moongirl thats the same sorta thing hehe discriminating against moons now I see ;). Aug 20, 2014 19:07:03 GMT -5
Ensign Nassan: Andoria is the best moon Aug 20, 2014 19:08:02 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Andoria is best lunar female Aug 20, 2014 19:13:05 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Yup yup blue people unite! :D. Aug 20, 2014 19:23:40 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: *pats my hair* blue poowwerrr! :D Aug 20, 2014 20:01:57 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Come on someone post int eh klingon party thread I dont wanna be first. Aug 20, 2014 21:02:56 GMT -5
Lieutenant Ethan Blair: Why not? Aug 20, 2014 21:36:05 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Cause I don't remember the rules the new captain laid down for pily members going hehe. Aug 20, 2014 22:09:03 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Something about having a battlebudy with you or two at all times or something. Aug 20, 2014 22:15:16 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: Does Nyoko call her moon girl in RP? or was that just me ooc? I know Nyoko calls Talia Moongirl but that was from when they were at the battle of Starbase 39. 11 years ago. Aug 20, 2014 22:36:20 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: I think she has called her that once or twice I can't remember. And bam I posted first we need more klingon partaaaay :D. Aug 20, 2014 22:42:33 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Ushaans are a girls best friend and a total fashion statement hehe. Aug 20, 2014 22:44:58 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: Axanar looks really good. Aug 21, 2014 2:38:42 GMT -5
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