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Lt Cmdr. Vorath: I'm lovin reading "The Investigator", Mike. Good stuff. Jul 27, 2014 10:20:19 GMT -5
Captain Joyaus Dalun: This whole situation is kind of making me a bit sick though. lay off of erys some, would you guys? Jul 27, 2014 15:44:09 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Yet Xem and Werner are apparently under arrest? :0 I am pretty sure unless I not controlling Xem at the time, he did not assault anyone, or willfully disobey orders, or have a weapon when he wasn't meant to? Jul 27, 2014 16:01:18 GMT -5
Captain Joyaus Dalun: Everything will be fine. Or so I'm told. I'm losing my mind right now just... I don't even know anymore. Jul 27, 2014 16:29:42 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Oh I am not worried at all, because all these charges seem fabricated and the timing of said arrest is questionable at best. x3 Jul 27, 2014 16:47:33 GMT -5
Lt. jg Billie Jo Spencer: Well actually Xemion did in fact fail to obey a direct order. Of course OOCly speaking it was because you (for whatever reason) failed to see the order and respond to it. Either way ICly Xemion is stuck with having ignored a lawful order. Jul 27, 2014 17:05:49 GMT -5
Lt. jg Billie Jo Spencer: Also legally speaking simply threatening a person with a weapon can be considered assault. Unless you can prove it was justifiable. Also just as a matter of curiosity, can a tetryon based weapon even have a stun setting? Jul 27, 2014 17:16:26 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Well the first thing I guess she could get Xem on under normal circumstances but not when there is a psionic alien stuff to his brain, and as Xem drew his weapon in self defence I am pretty sure it is justified. And it might end up being like high stun. Jul 27, 2014 17:41:38 GMT -5
Master Chief Winterhagen: LOL hell I don't know what most of the charges mean Jul 27, 2014 17:41:42 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Hehe, Werner~ Jul 27, 2014 17:42:08 GMT -5
Master Chief Winterhagen: Honest I don't Jul 27, 2014 17:42:34 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Well most them are either Werner not listening, Werner doing what he wants, resisting arrest, breaking stuff, and endagerment. They seem farfetched seeing as you were affected even more than Xem was, and Xem was already like "DEAAAATHHHH" XD Jul 27, 2014 17:46:33 GMT -5
Lt. jg Billie Jo Spencer: There is no evidence that Xemion was ever under any influence by any aliens. Which is the way the chief medical officer saw it. Jul 27, 2014 17:49:43 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Spence didn't notice he started acting different when he first walked into the Medical bay? He was doubting his abilities, was all scared, major increase in brain activity, and then later was thrown against the wall xP Jul 27, 2014 17:54:40 GMT -5 *
DGM Cygnus: Hey..this is a shout box...for fun stuff...if you all have OOC event and role-playing concerns there are better venues, please. Jul 27, 2014 18:00:52 GMT -5 *
Master Chief Winterhagen: Sorry Sorry, How is everyone Jul 27, 2014 18:04:31 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: "Luckily for me, nicotine and alcohol were like matter and antimatter, and my liver was one big warp core." LOLOL Jul 27, 2014 18:11:22 GMT -5
DGM Cygnus: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue... Jul 27, 2014 18:14:06 GMT -5
Lt. Xemion Xethrill: Omg, Cyg~ x3 Jul 27, 2014 18:23:59 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: Bragi whats our CAG's rank? Jul 28, 2014 7:41:34 GMT -5
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