[OOC] Joining The Fleet


Lt. Hazel Maria Qoll: Its back up - not that it matters now :( *kicks pebbles around* Sept 27, 2014 18:35:23 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr. Vorath: Taking forever for me to update the game. I've already been at it for an hour and I'm not even half way through. I'm probably going to be late. :( Sept 28, 2014 19:00:41 GMT -5
Lt jg Jonathan Cameron: where da kitty cat at[br] Sept 28, 2014 19:07:00 GMT -5
Unknown: How would I go about joining or putting in an application with you all? Sept 28, 2014 21:50:04 GMT -5
Lt jg Jonathan Cameron: http://daedalusomega.proboards.com/thread/668/transfer-application-instructions Sept 28, 2014 22:01:59 GMT -5
Captain Joyaus Dalun: barring any problems from Ma or other emergencies, I should be returning for both Adagio and Sentinel this weekend. Sept 29, 2014 11:09:24 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: Looking forward to Saturday! Sept 30, 2014 7:38:00 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: Out of the fire of freedom[br]And out of the forge of dwarves[br]To hold in your hand now[br]And for evermore[br]I give you the Hammer of Thor Sept 30, 2014 11:56:08 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: More Hammer Sept 30, 2014 11:56:33 GMT -5
Ensign T'Lea: HOORAY for more Hammer :D Sept 30, 2014 17:08:09 GMT -5
Lieutenant Ethan Blair: Hey all I was supposed to get my internet back up today but, well its comcast so I'm currently being told I plugged the wrong end of the kat-5 cable into the computer, so unless I get someone who can tell his ass from his computer screen I think I'm stuck Sept 30, 2014 20:59:10 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Lol nice been there done that. I'll be closing out the open thread I have sometime soon so if anyone wants in on it please do so. Sept 30, 2014 23:16:56 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: There is a wrong end to a cat 5 cable? Sept 30, 2014 23:52:09 GMT -5
Ensign T'Lea: Ethan you and Pren are in the turbo lift. It's broke. Oct 1, 2014 8:47:12 GMT -5
Lt. Billie Jo Spencer: Hey, maybe Ethan and Pren will have one of those "foxhole moments" while stuck in the lift. :D Oct 1, 2014 11:12:49 GMT -5
Lieutenant Ethan Blair: No there is no wrong end to a Cat 5 which is why I was doing my best to strangle the "IT AGENT" through the phone... after getting to his manager who understood what "Can you ping my modem" meant they determined my modem was at fault and will replace it. Oct 1, 2014 11:40:29 GMT -5
Lieutenant Ethan Blair: And if I know Pren's player she will have nothign to do with the captain <Plays forever alone> Oct 1, 2014 11:40:59 GMT -5
Lt. Billie Jo Spencer: Well, that will be one long awkward lift ride. Enjoy the elevator music. Oct 1, 2014 12:43:23 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: lol I know about the cable ethan was statign it in disbelief that they said it lol Oct 1, 2014 13:09:07 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Its okay lone Captain means you can Kirk it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=264s-sFqvTA Oct 1, 2014 23:25:43 GMT -5
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