[OOC] Joining The Fleet


Lieutenant Vareiya Oradar: Come help Devin get introduced to more sentinel crew! Jul 26, 2015 19:17:49 GMT -5
Devin Stadi: I'M IN UR BASE, DRINKIN UR COFFEEZ. Jul 27, 2015 16:24:07 GMT -5
Lieutenant Vareiya Oradar: NooooOOOooo, NOT MAI COFFEEZ! Jul 27, 2015 17:56:38 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: http://the-guls-itch.tumblr.com/ bask in that which is velour. Jul 28, 2015 8:19:08 GMT -5
Captain Tanaka Hann: Why has no one started projects to open the research lab? Jul 31, 2015 9:34:58 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: I don't have da fleet permissions to do such things Jul 31, 2015 11:45:28 GMT -5
Doctor Billie Jo Spencer: I am not sure that anyone with permission has been on in a while. Jul 31, 2015 12:33:47 GMT -5
Captain Anja Malitzka: I think Honda, Kitty, and Meranda are the only people with permission. Given that Honoka and Meranda have become sparse, we should see if it's possible to get someone else access to set projects to avoid single point of failure. Jul 31, 2015 20:23:06 GMT -5 *
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: agreed Jul 31, 2015 20:32:50 GMT -5
Lt. Hazel Maria Qoll: Damn patch :/ Aug 1, 2015 13:05:13 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: I'll do what I can about the projects this coming week! See if I'm able to get them going again, promise Aug 1, 2015 14:30:48 GMT -5
Captain Anja Malitzka: New decisions have been made about the Ayanami and the Caelian which have resulted in us deciding to move forward exclusively with the Caelian. Check the Caelian forum for our thoughts and our plan moving forward. Aug 1, 2015 15:38:49 GMT -5
Zaren Kore: Hello Aug 1, 2015 19:50:31 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: Hello Z! And thanks Anja! I'll make the required changes then, will gonna sent you a forum pm to help you get set upas the new DGM then :) Aug 2, 2015 2:16:39 GMT -5
Lieutenant Vareiya Oradar: (IC) Incoming subspace missive, Invitation ATTN Sentinel Crew= http://daedalusomega.proboards.com/thread/5068/open-invitation-attn-sentinel-crew Aug 2, 2015 4:28:21 GMT -5
Lieutenant Vareiya Oradar: OOC- To be clear to those who didn't read the post- Kitty's given me reigns and details to run an mini adventure for the Sentinel crew today! Please try to be on time, I'll start the shenanigans within 20min of start time! Aug 2, 2015 17:58:45 GMT -5
Doctor Billie Jo Spencer: my chat is offline Aug 2, 2015 22:24:05 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Server is being poopy tonight hopefully it doesnt mess up your sentinel stuff too bad Aug 2, 2015 22:45:33 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: It was still a fun time! Aug 2, 2015 23:11:29 GMT -5
Lieutenant Vareiya Oradar: Good job, and thanks to all who made it tonight! Kitty, I'll have your report on how things went in your inbox tomorrow. Aug 2, 2015 23:20:49 GMT -5
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