[OOC] Joining The Fleet


DGM Bragi: well that was more me joking that the pilgrim players and the sent players have a lot of overlap, basically a lot of sent characters can't really interact while their players are on the pilgrim one Jul 3, 2015 17:56:51 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: *twidles thumbs* one of my roommates is talking with Verizon right now so I should definitely be on for the next episode of pilly :) and I want to get in on a pilly sent social some day :D Jul 3, 2015 18:27:51 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: I think I pulled a muscle at work. owwwww Jul 3, 2015 18:37:07 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: Well the sentinel is still at 220 so if tibs wants Tuesday we can have a sentinel pil crossover social. This Sunday I'll be on too and it's a open yet working social for the sen any and all flee ties welcome while the anti el decrees and refits Jul 3, 2015 21:47:51 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: We put em both on risa a bit, i saw we stay there, then get started on our respective missions. Jul 3, 2015 21:48:49 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: We put who where? Jul 3, 2015 21:58:37 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: Lol Risa? -shrugs- works for me I guess if repairs are done and while awaiting reorganization leave would be permitted. An oasis of peace before rentering the meat grinder of the war :) Jul 3, 2015 22:09:28 GMT -5 *
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: Risa for EVERYONE! Jul 3, 2015 22:16:38 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: -cheers then goes back to preening prettily- :) Jul 3, 2015 22:25:55 GMT -5
Doctor Billie Jo Spencer: I don't want to go back in the meat grinder of war. :( Anyway, while the Sent was down we conveniently arranged to wind up on Risa at the same time Pilgrim was there. For Sunday we can wind up where ever the needs of the story takes us. Jul 3, 2015 22:30:24 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: Risa is fine as leaves begin to end -rubs paws together- intrigue can happen there. As the Jul 3, 2015 22:40:04 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: ex brief respite of peace comes to an end :) Jul 3, 2015 22:40:30 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Oooh a Orion might sneak in then what time does sent start on Sundays? Jul 3, 2015 22:54:43 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: We start at 7pm CST and go um til we drop recently :P A is totally welcome! If cyg agrees should be a cast of thousands there PC and npcs wise too :P Jul 3, 2015 23:01:26 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: A is totally welcome! If cyg agrees gonna be plenty of adagio and engineless PC and npc crossover rp to be had:) Jul 3, 2015 23:02:44 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: Weird post lag sorry for the double post:p Jul 3, 2015 23:05:44 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: Kitty just got too excited Jul 3, 2015 23:49:36 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: -bounds about happily!- :) Jul 3, 2015 23:55:01 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: it's good to have you back :) Jul 4, 2015 0:00:16 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: E Jul 4, 2015 16:51:48 GMT -5
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