[OOC] Joining The Fleet


Lt Jg Brandon Tyler: Well in the AU Barclay turned around and joined up with some other members of the fallen starfleet. Word is if you can find them.. and you can hire them.... Sept 8, 2014 4:02:59 GMT -5
Lt Jg Brandon Tyler: Okay this is kind of weird int he logs board I cannot click make a new thread... Or I am just noto seeing it. Sept 8, 2014 4:13:15 GMT -5
Lt Jg Brandon Tyler: Okay I am now seeing the create thread button, Yay stupid user tricks Sept 8, 2014 4:17:34 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: Yah it blends in Sept 8, 2014 4:33:52 GMT -5
Ensign T'Lea: Poor miles :( Sept 8, 2014 17:56:44 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Lol Sept 8, 2014 23:30:14 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: <3 Keiko. Expecally the episode where Worf is her midwife lolol Sept 9, 2014 5:06:43 GMT -5
Ensign T'Lea: yeah! That's a great one! :D Sept 9, 2014 8:01:43 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Crappy im gonna miss next weeks pily cause of work :( Just use Aria as a npc that week or have her stuck doing some minor routine junk or something I guess :'(. Sept 9, 2014 22:54:50 GMT -5
Commander Anja Malitzka: The return of Andorian Shingles! Sept 9, 2014 23:49:38 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: Orion pms, she locks herself in her room and threatens to kill anyone who gets close. Sept 10, 2014 7:39:56 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: Unfortunately elevated pheromone levels mean everyone wants to get clsoe Sept 10, 2014 7:40:15 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Rofl Sept 10, 2014 23:27:44 GMT -5
Commander Anja Malitzka: I need to do some shopping, there's a good chance I'll be late or unable to show up for the Ayanami this week. Sept 13, 2014 10:37:19 GMT -5
Commander Anja Malitzka: Ayanami event has been declared an on station social at 220. Any fleet member is welcome to show up. Sept 13, 2014 13:22:45 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Bah sorry I missed it got off a long 12 hour shift a few hours before ayanami today and didnt think to set a alarm just passed out for hardcore the earth could end and I wouldnt know it sleepytime. Sept 13, 2014 18:07:15 GMT -5
Lt Jg Brandon Tyler: I appologize but work called me in to cover the overnight shift.. I get to oversee delivery trucks and stockers yay me. Sept 14, 2014 18:58:23 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: No worries hon! Trust me we all know RL comes first! -hugs- Don't worry we wil just see ya next event! :) Sept 15, 2014 15:05:19 GMT -5
Rear Admiral Nyoko Honda: Last few days in japan. :'( Sept 15, 2014 22:52:14 GMT -5
Lieutenant Ethan Blair: :'( Sept 15, 2014 23:48:48 GMT -5
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