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Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Finally read Hammer of the Gods at work tonight. Good stuff Bragi. Apr 10, 2015 0:29:40 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: danke Apr 10, 2015 8:23:24 GMT -5
Commander Anja Malitzka: Someone with Fleet Project access needs to add in new fleet projects, I've almost cleared them out (server crashed, I'll do the rest of the DOFF requirements when I come back) Apr 11, 2015 11:58:48 GMT -5
DGM Bragi: aight i can do it Apr 12, 2015 9:10:12 GMT -5
Ensign Sebetharen Adryan: *pokes head around corner enough to see, looks around, and slowly backs away...* Apr 12, 2015 18:46:46 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jonathan Cameron: haha you're welcome back anytime Seb :P Apr 12, 2015 19:04:41 GMT -5
Doctor Billie Jo Spencer: Wait, I thought we gave all of Seb's stuff away to the Klingons? Apr 12, 2015 19:07:01 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Tiberius Asada: Haha can someone explain how Brand got arrested? That's awesome Apr 13, 2015 13:30:20 GMT -5
Doctor Billie Jo Spencer: Brand got the notion that attempting to take a Federation starship, with a crew of several hundred, by force with three people armed with nothing but hand phasers was a good idea. But, he gets points for pure stubborn determination. Apr 13, 2015 14:44:34 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Tiberius Asada: I'm gonna whoop ass once I get over the pox! Apr 13, 2015 14:52:15 GMT -5
Doctor Billie Jo Spencer: Too bad you contracted the fatal form of chicken pox. Apr 13, 2015 14:59:21 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Tiberius Asada: RIP in peace Apr 13, 2015 14:59:54 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Tiberius Asada: "he was always semi-sweet" Apr 13, 2015 15:00:18 GMT -5
Doctor Billie Jo Spencer: We will always remember that semi-sweet little buttocks. That is especially true for Brand, after three showers he still has that smell on him. Apr 13, 2015 15:04:09 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Tiberius Asada: *worf voice* little? Apr 13, 2015 15:25:36 GMT -5
Ensign Sebetharen Adryan: There's not water hot enough, or soap strong enough to wash my eyes of that horror I read... Apr 13, 2015 18:03:01 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Isn't RIP in peace kinda redundant? ;) Apr 13, 2015 19:51:09 GMT -5
Commander Anja Malitzka: In my IMO, I think that Tibs knows what he's talking about. Apr 14, 2015 12:42:32 GMT -5
Lieutenant Jenna Vehr: Hehe Apr 14, 2015 19:31:09 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Tiberius Asada: When tib passes out due to chicken pox Apr 17, 2015 22:53:53 GMT -5
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