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DGM Cygnus: Vwot's dat, Xem? I dinna think dat be vwot vwould 'appen. Iffin vwe had a squirrel, it be a Voodoo Crew pet project an' mascot..a robo-squirrel...vwith laser beam eyes an' shite..maybe call him Sparky -gets a mean look from her crew- er maybe not.. Apr 15, 2014 19:15:31 GMT -5
Lt Xemion Xethrill: We in the science lab could genetically modify its organic side, give it wings perhaps. :D Apr 15, 2014 21:38:46 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Erys Murai: Mechanical Squirrel Apr 15, 2014 21:47:35 GMT -5 *
Lt Xemion Xethrill: Yes. Apr 15, 2014 23:07:46 GMT -5
DGM Cygnus: oh..I am thinking long term with the entire Voodoo Crew pitching in..."mecha" squirrel would me more akin to a Myndflame clip :) Apr 16, 2014 1:05:09 GMT -5 *
Lt. jg Billie Jo Spencer: I am pretty sure that sort of unnecessary animal experimentation would violate a number of laws in the federation. If it didn't it surely would violate moral and ethical standards at the very least. Apr 16, 2014 19:12:14 GMT -5
DGM Cygnus: Ja, thankfully da hypothetical mecha-squirrel haz no "animal" element being a mini mech or robot. Looks fer moral shadiness elsevwhere, 'cause it ain't in the Voodoo Crew... Apr 16, 2014 20:11:49 GMT -5
Lt. jg Billie Jo Spencer: As Chief Medical Officer it is my duty to rain on the crew's parade. Apr 16, 2014 20:26:37 GMT -5
Lt Xemion Xethrill: Drat, and here I was wanting to make an army of genetically modified mecha squirrels- I mean... Look at my kawaii avatar~ *Goes super kawaii anime mode* Apr 16, 2014 21:40:44 GMT -5 *
Lt. jg Billie Jo Spencer: Xemion is the one voted most likely to endanger the crew when one of his ill advised and ethically questionable experiments runs amok. Well mister, I've got my eyes on you...Her Doktor Frankenstein. Apr 17, 2014 12:35:18 GMT -5
Lt Xemion Xethrill: *Assembling a genetically enhanced Undine Borg drone with the science team* I beg your pardon? What ever are you insinuating? Apr 17, 2014 13:21:23 GMT -5 *
Lt Cmdr Erys Murai: Yeah, because combining the three most dangerous enemies we've ever faced is SUCH a good idea. (zzz) Apr 17, 2014 15:31:27 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: Xem and the Science Staff of the Sentinel : :P Apr 17, 2014 18:01:52 GMT -5
DGM Cygnus: The picture has too many minions...Xem has like what...two? more like "henchmen" :P and no wonder they are at odds with Shannie and the Voodoo Crew all the time :P Apr 17, 2014 18:05:52 GMT -5
DGM Cygnus: I thinking Xem and his gang are more like this... Apr 17, 2014 18:25:49 GMT -5
Lt. jg Billie Jo Spencer: For the record Xemion did put in a request to Starfleet for more minions, and an Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator. Both were denied. Apr 17, 2014 18:50:14 GMT -5
Lt Xemion Xethrill: I have three assistants... I do think that picture is what I imagine them to look like when playing DnD or some tabletop game :D Yeah, apparently Defiants don't have room for a science staff... And no, it was accepted. However a rabbit made off with it. Apr 17, 2014 21:30:56 GMT -5 *
Captain Joyaus Dalun: I am more than a littel dizzy and out of it. If i make it. I'll be late. Apr 20, 2014 18:58:25 GMT -5
Lt Cmdr Anja Malitzka: I can't seem to connect to any aspect of STO, even the website. Apr 20, 2014 19:06:31 GMT -5
DGM Soft Kitty: Hmm seems chat is offline now -_- Apr 20, 2014 19:55:57 GMT -5
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